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We definitely need a break!

We definitely need a break! - Jason Brock

After investing more than twenty grands in my teeth in the past few years, I learnt to pay more attention to what I eat and how I eat. This summer I did my third tooth crown Boisbriand.That’s only during summer. A few months earlier I was still going to my older dentist who had replaced a couple of other older crowns.

Seeing that the dental work I had to do was draining my budget and making me postpone my travels, I paid more attention to what went in my mouth. Thus I gave up on eating anything hard. No more nuts, peanuts or biting directly from a hard fruit. I now cut the fruits in small slices instead of biting.

Also no more midnight snacks or sodas and brushing my teeth after every single bite that I have. My wife says that I exaggerate, but I guess it is better to be safe than sorry. Brushing the teeth two or three more times per day never killed anyone.

All the money I have spent on my teeth, fixing them or replacing them, I could have used as a downpayment for a house. Or maybe go in that luxurious vacation we have always dreamed about. Now that it went straight to my dentists’ pockets, I will have to keep my eyes on the last minute deals for all inclusive packages down South.

With a bit of luck, hopefully I will snatch a good deal and get some tickets that won’t cost more than seven hundred dollars per person. Maximum eight hundred dollars per person is what we can afford for the moment.

My spouse suggested not to go anywhere abroad this year and instead go to a chalet or even camping. I disagreed because we both worked a lot and we need to have a nice vacation. Camping is not what I have in mind when I say vacation. I mean being one week away from every single thing that stresses me, bothers me or requires me to perform any work related activity.

I need to be lazy, sleep and charge my batteries. So does my wife. That’s why I thought of an all inclusive package. Everything is done for you in such a trip. All you have to do is pack your bag and go be lazy in a hammock, sip on a drink and enjoy the nice weather. No worries about cleaning, cooking or anything else.

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