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Routine of an Air Quality Testing Company in Montreal

Routine of an Air Quality Testing Company in Montreal - Jason Brock

I work for a company which makes air quality testing systems. It is based in Montreal. My project manager has signed a contract with our partners from Congo and now we are to produce air quality testing devices for them. However, the electricity supply is quite problematic there. So our designer, Greg, is to design an electricity-independent solution within an extremely short period of time.

At 9 am I was already sitting in front of my office PC and was reading the news. Of course, nobody from our department comes to the office before 11 am.

Short before the afternoon, our designer Greg came with folded posters under his arm. While he was greeting everybody and was telling how he'd got stuck in the traffic jam, the lunch time came unexpectedly.

After the lunch Rene called everybody in the conference room.

"Well, the solution's design is ready." With those words, Greg unfolded and hung two posters on the whiteboard.

I looked at them and deeply sighed, covering my face with my hands.

On the first poster entitled "CoCoSo" I saw the blue rectangle and the battery near it. On the second poster, signed "EInCoCoSo" only the blue rectangle can be seen.

"On the first poster you can see the design of the existing, energy-dependent solution. On the second one you see the design of the energy-independent solution," Greg happily announced and, turning to us, smiled in such manner as to betray his not grasping the senselessness of his own work.

"Excellent, Gregory! Thank you!" Rene praised, "How have you managed to create such design within such a short period?"

"Well, how?" Greg was confused. "Just OK, Rene."

"Well, all right," Rene smiled, "now only the small thing that's left to do is to realize such a design."

"Rene, wait..." I started talking, "computers won't work without electricity."

"Listen, of course, I appreciate you as an expert," Rene replied, frowning, "but your task is realization and as for the design, here it is," he waved his hand to the posters. "It's already done. Well, what's difficult here? Just write the code, that's all. You say, it won't work without electricity. But have you tried it, have you?"

Honestly speaking, I had never tried to turn on a PC without electricity but basic knowledge of its construction hinted that it wouldn't work.

"No, I haven't..." I replied.

"Well, you see." Rene laughed out. And everybody laughed out too, except of me.

When the meeting was over, it was already 5 pm.

Immediately after the meeting Greg and Rene left somewhere and didn't say goodbye to anybody. I was sitting in front of my PC and broodingly browsing Facebook. Sam was typing something desperately on the PC behind the divider.

"In the end, they need beads," I said thoughtfully. Sam stopped banging the keyboard, giggled behind his divider and, it seemed, spat on it.

"Listen, what are you doing here all day long?" I asked Sam.

"I'm watching movies," he honestly replied.

"How can it be, you're typing something on the keyboard all day. I thought you're writing code," I was surprised.

"I specially switch off the keyboard. And I'm knocking keys just to support the working mood in the office."

The workday unexpectedly ended. 

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