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A Real Bad Day

A Real Bad Day - Jason Brock

Roger and I are business partners and we had a small office near the main market of the city. It’s been seven years and I cannot forget that day when both of us were sitting in our office talking about our next business deal when we heard the fire alarms ringing. At first, we couldn’t understand what was going on and then I saw fire arising from one corner of the main lobby area of our office.

The fire spread in the entire office within a few minutes and I and my best friend got caught in it. We didn’t know how to save our lives. The fire brigade came a few minutes later and both of us were saved.

After recovering from the unconsciousness, we got the worst news of our lives. Our entire office was gone. The fire ate up everything. It didn’t even leave a single piece of paper behind.

Roger got more hurt by fire than me. He recovered after a few weeks.

Now we had to decide what could be done about our business, which was all gone. We had insurance but the amount was not enough for starting up the entire business from the roots. We did not have enough money to buy a totally new place.

The idea of applying for a private loan montreal occurred to me when I was searching for our new business property on the web. I discussed it with Roger and he approved of my suggestion.

We went to the bank and applied for the bridge loan for purchasing a new office. We made the down payment with the help of loan that we got and started our work once again.

We were quite disappointed to start the entire thing all over again but we were happy that we had at least something to earn from.

We worked harder than ever in those hard days. I can’t forget the times when we didn’t even sleep for days.

By the grace of God, we have now built up five more offices in different locations of the city and have extended our services in the nearby areas as well.

I don’t think that fire could have done any worse to us but we are in a better financial situation today than ever before. We paid the entire loan back to the bank within a short time and are successfully running our business these days.

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