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No more Apples!

No more Apples! - Jason Brock

Seven years ago I became a fan of Apple (MacIntosh). That’s when I purchased my first Apple desktop. I was fascinated by the endless amount of things I was able to use it for. Not too mention that it brought an end to the annoying task of dealing with anti-viruses. I fell in love with Apple from the first moment I saw its flat screen and how user-friendly it was.

The whole family loved it which meant that I had to get an Apple device for all of them. My wife got another desktop, my daughter a MacBook Pro and my son an IPad. We liked to call ourselves proud apples. For seven years straight we had no issues with any of the above mentioned devices.

This year, all of the sudden, they started to misbehave and drop down dead one after the other. It all started with my wife’s desktop which stopped working without any notice. A month later, it was my daughter’s laptop who needed a new motherboard. Two weeks later my son’s tablet refused to turn on. We knew that it was refusing new updates, but we did not expect it to simply shut down and die!

Last week it was my desktop’s turn to leave us. Needless to add that losing “our apples” caused a tragedy within the family. The kids were upset, wife wasn’t able to do any of her work. I am hoping to be able to save the data on the hard drives. At least that. I had backed up only half of it, the rest I need to recover it.

Before I ran to the mall and got new devices for the entire family I wondered how come all of our apples died almost within the same timeframe, as if they were designed to do so. More I thought about it, more real my theory seemed to be. Thus I did an online research and found out that it had happened to other people too.
I felt cheated and disappointed as a customer. All of my love for Apple turned sour. After I picked up my wife from hersmall group training Mississauga I showed her an article I found online about our beloved Apple.

Once she read it and we had a talk, we decided to switch from Apple to an open source software, like Linux or Ubuntu. Thus we got new devices, uninstalled Windows and put Linux.

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