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My wife's choice

My wife's choice - Jason Brock

Yesterday afternoon I went for a long walk through my neighbourhood. It wasn’t as cold as the previous days. Plus my wife has been bugging me for a while that I didn’t do enough exercise. Not that was ever on my priorities list! Thus, after lunch I invited her to go out with me for a walk. We both got properly equipped and went out.

She seemed very surprised by my sudden invitation. While we were strolling down the streets, I noted that a lot of properties where having the same type of fence, as if there was only one company doing fences and Retractable gazebo longueuil. More than a dozen of the houses on my street had those wooden boards’ fences, with a slight variation of color.

I wondered if a trend was or if it was price related. I imagined Rona, Home Depot or maybe Canadian Tire had a good deal for the fences. Otherwise, how would they all end up using the same fence?

Looking at my neighbours’ fences, I was reminded by my wife that we had to fix our own. Parts of it were broken in our back yard. I did not need to replace it completely. Only a few boards.

I explained to her that this little project had to wait until autumn, because it is not included in the budget for the moment.

Unless she was willing to skip vacation with our kids. The choice was hers. I asked her what was more important: the trip of the fence. She replied laughing that she would not postpone the vacation. She added that she was longing for the sun more than a lizard.

And that she had already told her boss that she was taking a week off in April, for Easter.

Not to mention that our little one was asking us on a daily basis, when would we take her to the beach?

She was never too fond of snow. Even if she was born here, during winter, she never liked the snow. In her first years, it was really difficult for her to walk outside through the snow. The snowsuit, the boots, the hat, the gloves were adding extra weight. She was annoyed by it.

We thought that within time she would like it. We thought that if she would learn how to skate, ski or do an outdoor activity that would make it more pleasant. We were wrong. She did learn how to do all the above, but she would rather go to the beach than on a ski trip.

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