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Moving very soon!

Moving very soon! - Jason Brock

While I was cleaning the trunk of my car, I found an old Coldplay CD. I loved this guys! At one of  their concerts I met my wife. Crazy story! I will tell it another time, in another post. I was so happy when I found it, as if I had discovered a gold pot. Somehow that CD equaled my twenties. It took me back sixteen years ago when I used to live in Montreal. That period of time was amazing. I had so much fun in those days...

I placed the CD inside the car and smiled thinking that I will listen to it the following day, on my way to the office.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Yesterday I started to look for a truck rental Mississauga We already make plans for the big moving day. We try to have everything ready ahead of time. Ideally will be to have the entire house packed two days before the moving day. That’s what I would like. I am not sure it will actually happen.

My brother is going to drive the truck, not me. My wife and I. we will drive on our cars which will be loaded with last boxes, some of the linen and the sleeping bags. We have been moving so many times in the last ten years that I could honestly say that I became an expert.

Speaking of cars, I will have to take mine to a mechanic once we will be settled. I have a feeling that that there is something wrong with the transmission. I can’t say that it will surprise me. Though I am keeping my fingers crossed it won’t happen anytime soon. 

I am planning to change my car next year. If it only lasts until then... I would hate it if it dies before the middle of the year... I have driven this car from 1996. Yes, you read it correctly. I bet no one you know has driven the same car for more than ten years. I am a veteran! I am having this baby for over twenty one years.

Throughout the years I had to change or replace different parts. I had no choice. But, it’s still going. I am not bothered about the bit of rust on the bumper or on the driver’s door. I have seen more rust on cars that were not that old.

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