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The Million Dollar Smile of My Son

The Million Dollar Smile of My Son - Jason Brock

Last summer, I had spent my days and night in a huge quandary. I had put up my home for sale and I was about to buy a new home in a nearby town. Along with that, my son’s birthday was coming up and I had planned to gift him a sports car for his 20th birthday. The problem was that I had to make a choice between the home and the car. After the sale of my home, the money I was about to receive was to be used for the purpose of buying the new home. However, in the same time period I needed some money for the purchaseof my son's car.

I discussed this quandary with my brother and he couldn’t resist laughing. He alleged that I was naïve and told me about a great solution to my problem. First, I should get an apointment with a personal tax service laval, and then, he advised me to go for private loan. He explained me that I could buy my new home from the loan I would receive and then after I sell my old home, I could purchase the sports car for my son. From the remaining amount, I could easily start paying the installments for bridge loan and later from my income; I can cover the gap of funds that would occurred due to purchase of the car.

That idea of my brother instantly clicked my mind and the very next day I was sitting in the office of manager of a company that provides such loans. After the legal formalities, I was handed over the amount that was enough for me to buy my new home and to buy my son his brand new sports car. Right on the day of his birthday, our old home was sold and I received my payment. As there is a grace period of four months before you start repaying installments of the loan, I saved some money from my monthly income to finance the money I spent on buying the car.

After four months, I was able to pay back the loan and it seemed like everything was achieved with the blessings of God and with the help of the bridge loan. I still remember the smile on the face of my son after he received his birthday gift and I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t have been able to see that smile without taking the loan at the right time. 

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