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Meeting some old friends

Meeting some old friends - Jason Brock

This evening I met two of my friends that I haven’t seen in three years. We used to to work together a few years back, until they decided to move out of the city. When we were colleagues, they were not a couple. Not back then. They started dating once I had left the company. One year later, they married and left the city. 

They settled somewhere North of Toronto, around two or three hours drive if I understood correctly, in an area called Muskoka. They said that they wished to have a safer and quieter environment for their kids. Yes, they have two kids. She got pregnant right after the wedding. Or maybe earlier? Who knows? Or who cares? Not me! And their second child was born last December, just like my daughter. They had them one after the other. I can’t imagine how challenging that can be, to have two infants in the house. 

Anyway, when we met again after so long, I enjoyed spending every single minute with them. Both looked well, and their kids were simply adorable. I know that everybody says that all kids are beautiful, but I have to disagree. I have seen some kids that were far from that description.

My friends’ kids were gorgeous. Blond curly hair, blue eyes, just their mother; they were very sociable, unlike other children their age. 

When I asked both of them what were they doing for living, they looked at each other and smiled. They replied that being a parent changed their life completely. Because they wished to spend lots of time with their children, they had to do something different. Before leaving the city, they considered buying a small business of residential moving Montreal. That never happened because they went in vacation for a few days in Muskoka and fell in love with the area.

One month later, they moved and started a new venture. They opened an online business that allowed them to work from home. Thus they were able to be close to their kids and work only part-time. They confessed that in the first months the cash flow was very slow, but it started to pick up from the fourth or fifth month, when their business became more popular. Now they have clients not only within Canada, but also from all over the world. The most amazing thing about their business is that they put only four hours of work per day!

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