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Life in pain

Life in pain - Jason Brock

Three days back I went to play badminton with one of my friends. I haven’t done that in almost one year. I wanted to make sure my hip was completely healed and I would not mess up what the doctors tried so hard to fix. Anyway, I had a great time at the gym with my friend. Because it was during the week, it was not too crowded and we were able to play for a longer time without switching courts or taking long breaks.

Before I hit the first bird, I ensured I stretched and did my exercises. Unfortunately that did not prevent me from getting all sore. We stayed at the gym for almost two hours. That means we must have played for at least ninety minutes. Yes, I overdid although I did not want to.

As a result, the following day I had to literary pull myself out of the bed. When I woke up, my whole body was aching. All my muscles hurt so bad that I could not move without moaning in pain. I had to take a day off because I was not capable of walking. It felt as if someone had beaten me up or hit me with a stick. My joints were swollen, my muscles ached and my hip started to feel weird.

I could not believe that one hour and something of playing badminton could have done all that to my poor body. Before having breakfast, I took a long hot bath hoping that it would help me cope with the pain. I got some of the pills I had left  for my hip in my medicine drawer and tried to focus on something else. My best strategy was to avoid thinking about the pain. Simply ignore it and work on something else.

I managed to ignore it as long as I was seated down. But each time I had to move, the pain reminded me that it was present. Even lifting my arm a bit up, in order to arrange my pillow or a cushion was provoking pain.

It took me two days to start feeling better. Only this morning it felt like I was going back to normal. I just remembered that tomorrow I have my free fitness class. I am afraid I will have to skip it, as I am in no condition of exercising. Maybe next week, that seems like a better plan.

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