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The Lesson of My Life

The Lesson of My Life - Jason Brock

I was celebrating my graduation when my friends decided to go for a picnic to a hilly area. I used to live with my mother at that time so I had to take her permission to go out with friends. She refused to permit me but I insisted. She was unwilling to let me go as we had a plan for the hilly area and we had to go by car. She was afraid to let me go. However, I insisted and she allowed me to go with my friends.

It was a camping trip. We started off our trip on a chilly morning in January. We were all packed up and excited for the upcoming days. Five of us were sitting in one car and five friends were in the other car. The ten of us enjoyed our way to our destination. We laughed, chatted, made pranks and had great fun.

We camped there for a night and had to return back the next day. We were in the middle of our way when the other car made some noise and started stumbling. We heard the noise and stopped our car, waiting for the other car to join us. As the tire of the car was causing some trouble, we saw another car heading from the back side. As it was a hilly area, there was no way for two cars to move together in a row.

Jill was driving the car. I saw her applying the brakes quite hard but failed to stop in time. Both cars knocked each other and I saw Jill's car rolling down the hilly steep road. Thankfully the car stopped and we took all of them out.

All of my friends were saved. They had a few fractures but there was no serious issue. I told the entire story to my mum when I got back home. She was furious on me and told me that she had prohibited me from going. I keep thanking God that our car had an excellent vehicle restraint system installed in it. We were safer than the occupants in the other car.

That trip taught me a life lesson. Now, I never go to places my mom does not allow me to go. I don't want to face bad consequences by not obeying her.

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