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What is there to do when you realize that you are wasting your life next to someone that does not see things as you do? What could make you continue the relationship when you feel that you are all out of love? The routine and the friendship between the partners would that be enough to keep you going? Would it be able to balance things and tame your heart?

What if you met someone else? What if that someone else touched your soul and that tiny spark ignited your engine? What if you feel that spark growing inside you, getting bigger and bigger? Would you be able to play it safe or you’d dive for it in the name of love?

Years of experience in the love or dating game would make you think twice before jumping head ahead into a new romance. Or maybe not?!

Life has a funny way to waking us up. Whenever we decide to settle down and we think that we are lucky to have found a partner that we enjoy spending time with, then everything blows up. An old flame or a new love shows up uninvited, as if its main role is to show you what you are wasting away by having a quiet life in the suburbs.

It has the power to reconnect you within a glance within your own self, it is capable of taking you out of a routine and it certainly makes you feel like you won the lottery. The only problem in all this picture is the fact that you were already in a relationship with someone. Someone that you don’t want to hurt. Someone that has been there for you when you needed a shoulder to cry on.

How would you handle such a situation? What would you do? What path would you choose? Please be honest and don’t divagate on lecturing me about the middle age crisis. 

Would you feel trapped between the two worlds without actually living in any of them? Nothing really makes any sense to me lately. On top of that, my headaches are back and I can’t really think straight. Spending time alone in a Spa center Blainville seems to help a bit. I hope that I will be able to sort this story somehow without hurting (too much) the ones I love. 

I don’t know where I am going to go from here. No matter how I look at it, I see no way out without having someone hurt, me included.

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