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Bye bye snow!

Bye bye snow! - Jason Brock

It is with sadness that I said goodbye that my alpine skiing days. Skiing is one of the sports I would miss the most. Far more than any other outdoor sport or activity that I ever did!  Coping with Lyme was challenging. But coping with the aftermath of knee injury which required two surgeries, is even more damaging.

Anyway, like my wife says, I am lucky that it did not happen twenty years ago, or ten years ago. I enjoyed practicing this sport over thirty years, given that I first put my skis on when I was two years old. It is annoying that I am not able to do it anymore, but what can I do? I do not want to walk with a cane for the rest of my life. Or worse, be in cripple and use crutches. Oh, no!

This winter was my last season of snow. From now on, I will have to move on and find something else to do with my spare time.

I was thinking of going somewhere south after I will recover. My physician said that a warmer climate would benefit my knee. Isn’t it ironic that a winter lover is forced to become a snowbird?

When I mentioned to my wife my idea of taking some months off and going to Florida, she thought I was joking.

She added that as far as she knew I had a knee surgery, not a brain one. She was curious why all of the sudden I was thinking of leaving. She knew me well, along with the fact that I was not a fan of heat.

She told me that she did not mind moving, but we had a lot of planning to do. We had to decide what we would do with our house, if we would rent it or try to sell it. Also she had promised her sister that she could come stay with us while she was having her duplex fixed. It totally slipped my mind that my sister in law asked me to recommend her someone doing mold removal Montreal.

While she was worrying about all the things we had to do prior to our future move, my only thought was concerning my mother. She would be left all alone here. And I knew for a fact that she would not like the idea of us leaving. Also I could not ask her to come with us because my wife would not like it.

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