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The burden of a common name

The burden of a common name - Jason Brock

It’s strange how people change from one year to another. It’s even stranger that they never change for the better. Or maybe there are some that do, but this rule does not apply to my friends. Or should I say so called friends?

Year after year I discover that the number of my friends is getting smaller and smaller. I used to have a full house for each birthday party or anniversary. Nowadays I have a handful of friends. That’s all I have left. These five souls are the only ones that stood by my side after my divorce.

Once my ex and I separated, I noted that most of our common friends felt that they had to take sides. Thus, they sided with her. I did not mind. I hoped that they were mature enough to realize that I had nothing against them and that whatever happened between me and my ex had nothing to do with them.

I let it to them. It was their choice to cut me off, not mine. In the end, I guess it was for the better. Their loss. They proved me that they were not my friends and that it would have been a waste of my time and resources to revive that friendship.

This morning I was surprised to see that I got an email from one of them who was in the business of Residential Patio Heaters quebec. I personally did not know what to do when I saw his name once I logged into my email. I was tempted to simply delete the message or ignore it. The following second I realize that it would have childish and I would have behaved just like he did.

Being curious, I clicked on the email and checked to see what he had to say. Imagine my surprise when I understood that he had no idea that his email was addressed to me, the same person who he had neglected to call or say hi once in a way.

Reading his message I was sure that he had did not make the connection that we knew each other. That’s what I get for having a common name. It is not the first time that this happens to me. What can I do if my folks chose such a common name for me?! They haven’t been creative at all! I could have been named after a famous guy, but no! It didn’t happen.

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