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Building the Infrastructure, You Need to Get Your Business Fully Integrated

Building the Infrastructure, You Need to Get Your Business Fully Integrated - Jason Brock

A few years ago, my corporate office decided to open a new complex in the Northeast. This was going to be a big undertaking because we not only needed office space and employees to fill that office space, but we needed a fully integrated office to handle the computer setup. This may not seem like it is that big of a deal, but we could not work off of some kind of Wi-Fi network. We were literally going to have to have miles of cable laid, routers and switches set up all over the complex, and a set of servers strategically placed around the office to handle the massive workload of 400 new employees. It looked to be quite an undertaking.

My cnc cutting company, put me in charge of overseeing the whole process of getting this office up and running. I had to hire the right people to do the job or, at the very least, hire the right people to hire the right people to do the job. I wasn’t expecting that I was going to interview 4000 people to choose 400. I clearly didn’t have time for that.

I also didn’t have time to oversee the setup of the office network. I needed a network consultant group to come in and do the job. I could have hired some people to be on the permanent staff and put them to work to do this, but that would have taken some time, and speed in this particular area was essential.

I looked around the area for a network consultant group and finally came up with one that was to my liking. I was not as worried about cost as I was about value. I needed to make sure that I was getting the maximum value for the amount I was willing to pay, and the group I hired was perfect for the task at hand. They completely setup the office with all the features and sophistication I needed.

After they worked on the office for 18 days we were completely operational. We had an immense amount of cable laid, and an incredible relay system put in place that really did the job. That system has been working like a champ ever since, and they were kind enough to show the IT people we hired exactly what they did, so that if there was any kind of problem, our people were up to speed.

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