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Birthdays are overrated

Birthdays are overrated - Jason Brock

I don’t understand why some people doesn’t like birthday parties, or why they choose not to celebrate their birthdays. I assumed that those that had a misfortunate event taking place during their birthday chose to consider it as any other regular day, simply because they wished to forget the event itself. That I dig! Who wants to be reminded how miserable they once felt?

I also thought that those, whose parents did not make a habit of celebrating their birthdays during the childhood years, did not feel the need to mark the event. Although, I fall under this category, I still love birthdays. Even without having a party with lots of people, at least I’d buy a cake and eat it by myself or with some friends. Luckily I have a loving family that would not mind having cake!

As for those who are aging and do not wish to be reminded of the fact they are getting further and further away from their best years, I assumed that they regret losing their stamina and their youthful appearance. Or maybe they fear they are getting closer to their death. Who knows?

When I was a kid, my parents did not care much about our anniversaries. They were too busy working and raising us. My dad worked in automated alarm system installation and mom was a housewife who raised us. They were very traditional and rigid. There were different times back then.

Truth is that my mom was not much of a cook. Especially not when it came to cakes and sweets. I imagine that it was not an option to have a party for each one of us. We would get a cake or two per year (generally that happened during the Easter and Christmas holidays). That was when my mother used to ask us all to make a wish while we were blowing the candles. Before she would cut the cake, we would take turns adding or removing candles from the top of the cake lit them on and blow them again. Thus, all of us had a birthday cake.

When I tell my daughter how differently we grew up, most of the times she says that I am inventing the story. It is quite difficult for her to understand how we're able to live in a world of scarce resources.

This morning, while I was looking online for adopting a dog, I remembered it was my friend Joel’s birthday. He was turning forty. I looked for my phone and called to wish him a happy birthday. As soon as he answered he asked me not to make him sadder than he already was. Apparently reaching the “naughty forty” took a toll on him. 

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