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Another surprise party

Another surprise party - Jason Brock

My boss is getting retired this year. Actually that will happen in less than three months from now. When that happens, I will be the one taking his responsibilities. And his nice office with river view. Donald is great man that showed me all the possible tricks in this business. Throughout the years he never ceased to surprise me with his learning abilities and keen interest in technology.

When I was hired, he was the one who interviewed me. Back then the Human Resources department was not what it is today. There was only one HR person who was doing the payroll.

The company’s growth is also due to his amazing skills and strategic planning. Anyway, since he is going to retire, I thought that it will be nice to organize a party for him.

When I mentioned my idea to one of the directors, he was thrilled. Right away he asked me to be in charge of everything. Since I had more than four projects going on, and not a lot of time, I

I asked my secretary to find a Corporate event room rental Montreal and book it in advance.

I also invited one of my co-workers to help me plan the party. Martina from the Accounting, she is one of Donald’s old friends. They both got hired in the same year. I think they are the only employees that have been with the company for so long. I doubt there is someone who has worked here for more than ten years. Most of the employees left the company after three or four year. The retention policy is not one of the greatest; I know that for a fact.

Martina will be the one contacting Donald’s wife and inform her about the surprise party. From what I understood from her, his wife was working downtown as well.

Anyway, to get back to the upcoming party - I decided to keep it a secret for the moment. Or at least until everything is booked and confirmed. According to my calculations there will be around fifty people attending it. That includes the upper management as well. I was thinking to invite Donald’s wife to the party. He would probably like to her present when we’ll honor his work.

As for the caterer, I am planning to use the same company we hired for the last year’s Christmas party. The food was exquisite and the prices were more than reasonable.

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