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The annoying banker

The annoying banker - Jason Brock

Some of us have the decency to not talk about our work through a date, a friends gathering or a simple dinner with someone. Or maybe that's just me. I always considered rude to keep on talking about my job when I have company. Unless if I was dining with work colleagues, or one of the associates.

Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense to me, why one would go on rambling about his work (topic that may not interest others), when there are so many amazing things that he could chat about? Such as food, travel, health, hobbies, music, art, you name it. Could life present itself so flat and boring to someone and determine him to focus on a narrow piece such as his cubicle? Even a blind horse seems to have a wider view!

Last evening I was invited by a friend of mine to his house welcoming party. It was a bit of a last minute invitation, but I did not mind. Chloe was out of the house for the week-end (her mom took her to ski), therefore I was free.

Before leaving the house, I grabbed a bottle of wine from my personal collection with the intention to offer it as a gift to my friend. I knew he liked white wine. I also knew that he liked this one in specific. During the Christmas dinner he had mentioned he loved it. Thus, it seemed appropriate to offer him a bottle.

Actually I thought of offering him two bottles, but I changed my mind when I saw that I had only two left. Somehow I was under the impression that I had more than six bottles left. I guess I was wrong.

When I got to my friend’s house, a bit late than I expected, they were all having dinner. I was invited to have a seat next a man I never met before. He introduced himself as a banker. I shook his hand and smiled politely. As I was trying to do some small talk with the other guests seated next to me, he was constantly interrupting me. As if he was in despaired need of my attention.

As soon as I turned towards him, he started to brag about his job. The entire evening he tried to convince me that his company was offering the best private mortgage lender. As much as I tried to redirect the topic of our conversation into a different direction, he would always go back into his work.

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