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Addicted to coffee

Addicted to coffee - Jason Brock

Three weeks after the surgery I had done with an Emergency Dentist Boisbriand and I still can’t have a hot cup of coffee or tea. I guess this is the most painful thing I had to endure. The post-surgery pain and the discomfort I had, did not bothered me as much as my lack of caffeine. 

Usually I drink it without sugar or anything else. I take it black! I don't want to ruin its delightful flavour. Half and half, sugar or anything else added in the cup only prevents you from having a real taste of the drink. I am a serious coffee drinker whose palate has been trained for years with black Colombian coffee. 

Since it feels as I am going through a phase similar to a withdrawal, I thought that maybe a cup of black tea would help me get rid of the headaches. I imagined that my body was so eager to have some caffeine, that would appreciate the quantity contained in the three black tea sachets I used for my cup. See, here’s the thing: I can drink a lukewarm tea, but not room temperature coffee. The latter has to be hot! 

My wife says that with aging gets me more crankier and pickier! I think I was like this even when I was young. Maybe it’s only now that she gets it? That means I have done a good job on making her happy for close to twenty years. Now that she is in between jobs and spends more time at home, she sees more of me than she had seen in the past two decades. 

Well, she loves me and I do have the same feelings for her. Seeing that I am so miserable without my coffee, she stopped drinking coffee as well. She said that she did not feel comfortable seeing me like that. She added that the smell of coffee was not allowing me to feel better because it was a constant reminder of my inability of having my favorite drink. I loved her even more when I heard her saying these words to me. I told her I really appreciated her love and care for me. I added that she didn’t have to suffer as well, just because of me. Thus I went right away to the kitchen and made her a cup of coffee. I was really moved by her sacrifice, especially when I knew that she loved her coffee as much as I did.

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