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A trip to Helena

A trip to Helena - Jason Brock

When my old classmate invited me to spend a week at his place in Montana, I had no idea how much I would love being there. At that time I did not know that Helena was the capital of Montana. All I knew was that it had to have mountains and trees. Other than that, I was clueless.

As my vacation approached, I had a look at the map and realized that I was up for a really long drive. I was not sure which road to take. I had to decide if I would drive most of the itinerary through Canada or through the United States. Going through the U.S. had certainly its advantages: better highways (though some had tolls) and cheaper gas. 

After checking the map for a half an hour more, I decided to drive through Canada on my way to Montana and on my way back to drive through the U.S. Thus I would get a chance to visit new places, see new things and explore more. 

When I reached Helena, I was surprised to see that the city was not as big I imagined. It was spread out, not as dense as Montreal. On my opinion, a state capitol had to be larger, but given that its population is less than eighty thousands, I can’t say anything else.

One of the evenings, we went out for a drink with some of my old buddy’s friends. While we were out having fun, I noted that on the terrace of the bar where we were, they had the same type of heaters my brother in law was selling years back. He used to sell industrial patio heaters Quebec before he got his heart attack. Then he sold his business and decided to take it easy. A sort of early retirement. 

At the end of my one week staying in Helena, I wished that I had more time to explore this beautiful city. There were parks I had no time to see, trails I did not set foot on, golf courses where I did not go and plenty of restaurants that I did not try. I told myself I will definitely have to return. Maybe during winter, than I could do some ski as well. 

My old buddy was more than thrilled to hear that I was thinking of coming back in December. He added that I was more than welcomed to come stay with him for as long as I wished. His house was big enough to host twelve persons. One guest would not be felt or make a big difference within his huge house.

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