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A big surprise

A big surprise - Jason Brock

Today, after work, I thought of doing some of the grocery shopping I should have done during last weekend. I tried to remember the shopping list I made and placed on my fridge. Once work was done, I drove to Maxi, and bought most of the things on my list.

On my way home, I was planning to have a quick stop at Sami`s Fruits and buy a raw papaya and two pineapples. I had promised my daughter I will prepare again the Thai salad she liked and these were the only two ingredients I was missing. All the rest was already bought.

Towards the cashier I bumped my shopping cart into another cart. Unfortunately, it hit the person pushing the other cart. I turned to apologize and saw that I bumped into one of my old badminton buddies, Tim. I used to play badminton with him and two others, twice a week, at Claude-Robillard Sports Complex. I did not see him in more than an year. I knew he got married and moved to West-Island, and I stopped playing because of my condition.

We shook hands, chatted a bit, and promised to meet soon. When he was about to go out, I called him and asked what were his plans for tonight. I thought of having him and the wife over for supper, although it was a last minute invitation.

He thanked me saying they already had plans for the night. He proposed to go out together the following Saturday. Now he was in a hurry because he had also to go pick up an awning montreal.

While I was driving home, I thought that I should start again doing some exercise. Maybe not badminton, since it got me dizzy and it messed up my balance. Maybe something less physical. Something more likes jogging or biking. Biking would be nice. I could take my little princess with me biking.

Ten minutes later I was parking the car on my drive way, when I saw a little hand waving at me from the living room's window. When I got down of the car, I was able to hear her calling me: «Daddy! Daddy!”  I waved back to her, and I opened the trunk in order to take the groceries bags.

When I reached the front door, my daughter was already in the doorstep with a big smile on her face. She hugged me and said she had a surprise for me. She asked me to close my eyes and follow her. I left all the bags on the floor, and went after her, with my eyes half closed. When we reached the kitchen, she told me to open my eyes and look on the counter. She had baked me blueberry muffins! Her first muffins were for me! I was the luckiest dad on Earth!

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